This blog is mostly to say how impressed I am by the organizational skills of the co-organizers, Cherrie Mansfield, Richard Nicholls, Sally Anne Morgan and Sophie Symes. Proactive, efficient, responsive, professional, inventive, thorough, friendly, helpful and generous are a few words that spring to mind.


The Worcestershire Open Studios website is a great advertisement for the event but the organizing team don’t stop there, having recently introduced a new Artists Resources section containing a library of opportunities and newsletters, recommended resources and FAQs about setting up our space for the August event.


They are good at networking, keeping us informed about all kinds of art-related possibilities such as a local primary school wanting an artist to work with children on decorating a reading hut, info on submissions not only for Open Studios exhibitions but also other local art exhibitions, an artist needed to join a community learning team… and more…

Personal contact

In my contact with members of the team I have found them to be exceptionally helpful and supportive. At the launch event they made me, a newcomer, feel very welcome. I pestered Richard quite a few times (!) with minor changes to my website details and he not only made the amends quickly but very kindly started following me on Instagram, while Cherrie gave friendly advice and info on a photo shoot and the Cap n’ Gown exhibition.

So I wrote this blog to say THANK YOU.