The bank holiday weekend ‘WOS’ event went really well. 90 people came to view my artwork over the 3 days. They were all so friendly and interested, and I felt honoured that they had chosen to visit my open studio, in most cases based on the single image in the brochure! So a big thank you to to everyone who came along!

Sales and unusual requests

Several original paintings sold, so quite a few red dots around the place. Prints and cards also sold well. There were a few requests for prints of originals and one print buyer even asked me to change the colour of the sky on his print! After some thought, I agreed, so in a way he will end up with an ‘original’ kind of print! Another visitor would like me to create a repeat version of an original painting that has sold, with similar colours and composition but with differences of course…

Excellent organization and promotion

I have to say again how impressed I am by the hard work and efficiency of the Worcestershire Open Studios organizing team.

Ongoing viewing

If anyone reading this would like to view any or all of the unsold items in my gallery, please get in touch to arrange a convenient time.